Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fancy Sauce...

Sometimes 2 things are combined which create a perfect balance.
For example: chocolate and salt, a perfectly aged wine and a delectable cheese, a hot summer's day and the coolness of a dip in the lake, a beer and a patio.

Sometimes 2 things are combined which create a perfect balance,
and you never knew. Couldn't imagine. It's been under your nose (or in your fridge) all these years- Unchartered territory- And all it takes is some special someone to bring it to your attention. 
To open your eyes (and taste buds) to the possibility of this perfect pairing.
A match made in heaven...



Alone: familiar. Sensible. Straight-forward. Basic.

Together...  fancy sauce.

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  1. you better not be talking about a DUDE.
    you are. i know you are.
    btw, you now have a link on my page.